June 9th, 2014


When I joined LJ Idol, I think I had a little case of recency bias. "I am currently very unoccupied, and will continue to be unoccupied for quite some time, and joining a long-term writing competition would therefore be a great idea," I thought. Not in those words, precisely, but you get the idea.

Well, I was wrong. I did not remain unoccupied. I have become very occupied with an archaeological dig, and starting next week (barring unfortunate circumstances) I will be starting another archaeological dig that involves a lengthy camping trip without internet access. Posting to LJ Idol will be quite impossible. I have therefore decided that rather than simply being obliterated by missing the next deadline, I will throw myself on the sacrificial altar.

When I joined LJ Idol, I think I actually had more than one case of recency bias. "Up to this point, I have been inexperienced in creative writing, and therefore I expect to get booted out quickly and remain inexperienced." I figured I might last 3 weeks if I got lucky. I actually lasted 6 weeks, not counting week 1 when votes were for practice. While that's nothing compared to those in the 100 week club, I consider it an achievement.

I've enjoyed the chance to play around with creative writing, and I appreciate what I've learned from the other writers in the community. So thanks everyone, and best of luck! Hopefully when I come back from my archaeology trip, I'll be able to tune back in to read and vote and maybe play the home game!