ViolaConspiracy (violaconspiracy) wrote,

On the Contrary

Introductions are difficult, because they are never true, not in the strictest sense of the word. For one thing, they are always biased. I can tell you what I believe about myself, but others may disagree. For another thing, introductions are always incomplete. I can tell you what I like, what I do, and where I live, but I could never write something that would encompass all that I am. So for the sake of being contrary, rather than attempting to tell you who I am, I will attempt to give you an idea of who I am not.

Although accomplished in academic writing, letter writing, and grocery list writing, I am not a creative writer, at least not yet.

I am not a person who is ever content to stay in one place for very long, whether it be in a chair, in a house, or in a city.

I am not someone who thrives in a crowd or a large social gathering.

I am not a veterinarian. My 12-year-old self would be shocked and disappointed at that fact, but I'm not terribly upset over it.

I'm not generally up to date with music, television, and current culture in general. I'm not sure who that guy on the screen is, and I'm not convinced I care.

I am not conventional, and I'm not fond of standards and expectations.

I'm not going to finish all the projects that I have ideas for, because I'm not going to live for three thousand years.

I'm not a milkmaid.

I am not Spartacus.

And I'm not sorry. Not even one little bit.
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