ViolaConspiracy (violaconspiracy) wrote,

What Am I?

I dress in the uniform dictated for me,

   but I will only wear my own face.

I can swing a hammer,

    but nails escape my notice.

"X" marks the spot,

    but does not signify my destiny.

            I don't bake buns in my kitchen.

What am I?


No true woman. I wear women's clothes but not makeup. I don't do my nails. I don't prefer "feminine" activities. I'm biologically female, but I don't want to have children. Therefore I'm not a "real" woman to some.

I went to the Wars,

    but I haven't been Trekking.

I've found serenity,

    but I don't know the Lord.

Knights, thieves, kings and villains share my table,

    but my gatherings are mundane.

            I only own one set of dice.

What am I?


No true geek. I'm a fan of Star Wars, but haven't seen much Star Trek. I love Firefly, but not Doctor Who. I've played D&D, but never Magic the Gathering. Apparently that's not enough to fulfill some people's "geek" qualifications.

I love the flavor of fresh apple pie,

    but I hate how the baker slices it unevenly.

I enjoy great liberty to speak,

    but I wish listening held more value.

If you give me an inch,

    I will take a kilometer.

            I wish I spoke another language.

What am I?


No true American. I'm a citizen of America and like some things about it, but I don't like our social inequalities. Freedom of speech is great, but sometimes we should shut up and learn from other countries. I wish we'd switch to the metric system, and I don't think English is the only "true" American language.

I've lived many full lives,

   but I've never had half of one.

I've crossed countless universes,

    but never approached the edge of the sky.

The Lords of Hell have perished by my hand,

    but there is no redemption for me.

            My baked goods have never deceived me.

What am I?


No true gamer. I enjoy video games, but haven't played several that apparently "real" gamers MUST play. Referenced here are Half Life (line 2), Skyrim (line 4), Diablo (line 5), Red Dead Redemption (line 6) and Portal (line 7).

Tags: gatekeeping, lj idol, no true scotsman, riddles, stereotypes
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