violaconspiracy's Journal

I'm violaconspiracy, a.k.a. Amethyst, SwampWalker, Digger of Soils, and Goddess of Small Victories. I have a little monster called Wanderlust who used to live in my backpack and come out occasionally to pester me until I took her somewhere. These days, though, she rides in my pocket wherever I go, and nests in the wild tangle of my hair at night. She is my friend and constant companion. You never know where you might find us, and we never stay anywhere for long.

An archaeologist by trade, most days find me hiking through deep forests, cedar swamps, or agricultural fields searching for the material remnants of bygone days. When I'm not digging holes on a promising ridge top or excavating the earthly remains of a deceased nun, I like to climb rock walls and explore local museums, parks, and cafes. When I tire of my wanderings, you might find me curled up in a motel room with a pot of tea and a good book, or playing board games with my crew mates.

Life on the road is not always easy, but it is always an adventure.